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Post Earthquake Situation in Nepal

Nepal after being struck by the earthquake on 25th April 2015 has been in a great grief and sorrow. Nepal was greatly affected by the earthquake around 7,500 people lost their lives and double the number people are injured. Yet, many people are missing and they have not come in contact so death toll is certain to rise. About 200,000 houses have been totally destroyed and more than 200,000 houses have been partly affected by the earthquake, but are not suitable for shelter.. According to United Nations preliminary statement on Nepal, Earthquake, about 8 million people in Nepal are affected by the earthquake. Nepal and the Nepalese would have never expected that the earthquake would bring such a huge number of human casualties, large number of injured and wounded, huge loss of cattle, etc. Similarly, the massive loss of manmade houses and buildings, physical property and a huge destruction of the religious and cultural attractions of the country was also out of their expectations.

Nepal is one of the poorest country in Asia. Hence, Nepal cannot handle the present situation without foreign support. It is expected about more than 10 billion US dollar is required by Nepal at the moment to handle the present situation. This amount is 53% more than Nepal's whole economy. Hence, without support of foreign social organizations, associations and international governments Nepal will not be able to provide relief facilities to its people as well as renovation work cannot be carried out. Nepal is seeking and pleading for foreign help. Government of Nepal (GoN) has officially urged all the national and international associations and international governments to provide aids and supports.

The earthquake of 25th April has brought a tough task for Nepalese government to renovate cultural and historical heritages as well as temples and monuments because uncountable numbers of temples and monuments have been completely destroyed. It requires massive spending, workforce and long period of time to renovate the religious, cultural, historical and archeological sites that were destroyed by earthquake. It is a tough challenge to preserve those monuments and temples that are in a critical condition. Nepalese government and archeological department of Nepal are responsible for the quick renovation and maintenance of these important sites that have been damaged by the earthquake. They must give same artistic designs and looks to those destroyed monuments. Most of those destroyed monuments were build many centuries ago.

The earthquake on 25th April and a huge aftershock a day later have completely changed the shape and designs of world heritage sites within Nepal especially within Kathmandu. Among the heritage sites within Kathmandu Valley, Kathmandu Durbar Square area, Patan Durbar Square area, Bhaktapur Durbar Square area, Changunarayan Temple, Swayambhunath Temple area have been highly disturbed and Pashupatinath Temple, Bauddhanath Temple area have been partially affected by the earthquake. Dharahara, which was not among the world heritage sites but was a beautiful sightseeing spot and attraction for the tourists, has fallen down. Trekking areas have also been slightly affected by the earthquake. The landslide and avalanche after earthquake have hampered Langtang trek region. Tea house lodges around this trek region have been destroyed by the earthquake. But, for real adventure lover this earthquake has brought more adventure.

Economic situation of Nepal is certain to go down. Nepal's annual budget for the fiscal year 2072/2073 is certain to focus on the post earthquake economic situation of the country. Huge amount of budget is expected to be separated for providing home for the thousands of homeless families, maintenance cost for the partially destroyed houses and renovation expenses for the destroyed monuments and temples. Development expenditure is certain to increase and there is high chance of inflation, social crimes as well as many economic and social problems may come into rise.

At the moment whole Nepal is in grief and pain. Some have lost their parents, some have lost their siblings, some have lost their spouse and some have lost their sons and daughters, friends and relatives, neighbors, colleagues and beloved ones. Some people are homeless, many of them have lost their physical properties, and many of them have turned into slum dogs from a millionaire. Government is currently focusing on rescue and trying to search and contact to the missing ones. After finishing the rescue job they will focus on providing relief to the homeless people and the ones who have lost their family members.

Rainy season is arriving so many homeless people's condition is certain to worsen. So, the government must provide the relief fund to the victims of the earthquake for the reconstruction of their houses or the government themselves should provide alternative shelter for the affected families. Various government and non-governmental organizations and individual are providing the relief facilities to the victim families and individuals. But, the grievances are being heard from the victim family that the relief materials are being provided by the government and non government organizations only to the places that are touched with road network and the grieved family on the remote part who are hugely affected by the earthquake are being neglected. Even the relief materials distributed have not been distributed equally. Some people who have strength are taking the relief materials many times whereas some groups who are weak and cannot raise their voices have not even receive the relief materials once. So, it is the duty of the distributors to ensure that the relief materials are equally distributed among all.

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