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Do's and dont's in nepal

Nepal is a wonderful place to travel. Nepal has been gifted by the Mother nature with various natural attractions. There are many natural attractions in Nepal. Every country have their do's and don'ts. Nepal also has some do's and don'ts that should be strictly followed by the travelers travelling to Nepal. Some of them are listed bellow:
1. In Nepal when you are entering stupas, temples and monastries you should open your shoes.
2. One should never touch anything with your feet. Because this behavior is this is considered an offence among Nepalese.
3. Never give the money, chocolates or anything to the kids because this may spoil the habits of the kids. So you would better give it to their parents , schools or if you desperately wish to.
4. taking photographs of some of the temples and monuments are strictly prohibited so you must ask your guide or the local person near you before you take the photographs.
5. You shouldn't move around using offensive dresses. When you are in public better wear the dress that are accepted by the community.
6. You shouldn't use offensive language in public that hurts community sentiments. You should be polite.
7. Never leave your baggage and cameras here and there. No one will be responsible in the case of lost. So you better take care of your things by yourself.
8. You should never carry important and valuable objects with you. You should better keep your important materials and documents at hotel. Don't carry these important documents in your hand carry. It is safe to keep these documents at your hotel rather than carrying with you.
9. Ask your guide or locals before you enter any Hindu temples because in most of the Hindu temples in Nepal non Hindu are strictly prohibited to enter. As well as leather materials are strictly prohibited inside the temples.
10. Some beggars may trouble you just ignore them.
11. You should not offer food from your plate to others, nor eat from a common pot, and avoid drinking the water or any other liquid items from a shared drinking vessel by using your lips to the vessel.
12. You can never export or carry the items that is more than 100 years old and if found you may be charged according to the law.
13. Smuggling of drugs and and possession are strictly prohibited if found guilty you may be arrested and charged according to the criminal law.
14. Wooden materials and antiques should be cleared of custom before taking it away from Nepal.
15. You better use the word "Namaste" to greet the people rather than giving a hug. Hugging with the opposite sex at the public might be rather offensive. Namaste is said to the people by joining two hands.
16. Cow is regarded as the holy god. So it is not sacrificed. You may not get the meat of beef except in some hotels, restaurants and shopping centers.
17. When you use your hand for any activity let it be the right one.
18. Kissing in public is not accepted. It hurts the sentiments of the general public.
19. In Sherpa community and and some other highland ethnic groups family hearth (fire place) is regarded as sacred, so don’t throw rubbish or scraps into it.
20. You should always follow the instructions provided by the guide.

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